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ACI is committed to helping consumers by providing information and useful tools that guide you through the process of resolving your account.

Don’t stress — find which situation below fits you and know we are here to help.

Why have I been contacted by ACI?

Most consumer bills are managed by a system designed to send a monthly statement of accounts. Sometimes when a bill stays in a system for 90 to 120 days, the bill gets placed with a third-party like ACI to continue the management of the account. One of our representatives is standing by to assist you, or you can set up your online account and manage your payments.

Can ACI remove my number?

ACI respects the requests of all consumers and will remove your phone number. Many of the healthcare businesses we work with are given contact information from patients, so correcting the issue may be as simple as contacting us to make sure the phone number was given in error.

How should I dispute the claim or credit report?

If you don’t feel that you owe the debt, ACI is here to validate the accuracy of the information for you. It is our responsibility to investigate, determine and provide proof. If our name appeared on your Credit Bureau Report and you dispute that claim, it is also our responsibility to resolve your dispute or remove it entirely.

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